Saturday, February 13, 2016

Lathe DRO Installation

Finally decided to add a DRO to the old South Bend Lathe. When looking for info on how to add digital scales to a '40s era lathe, I didn't find much, so I thought I'd share what I came up with. The inexpensive digital scales I chose are not terribly accurate, but they're good enough for the majority of the work I do. 

The X axis was fairly straightforward: there's room on the back of the lathe to hang the scale. The Y axis was more challenging: tight clearances on the carriage led to mounting the crossfeed scale behind the carriage. Fortunately, on this SB with the rear-mounted countershaft/motor assembly there was room behind the lathe. 

Cheap but decent digital scales

Aluminum angle bolted to the tapped holes for the taper
attachment I don't own.

1/8" aluminum  extension bolted to the crossfeed carriage. The side
of the crossfeed casting was milled flat and holes were tapped
in the cast iron.

X axis hanger clamped to the rear ways.

X axis scale attached to y axis aluminum angle

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