Router lathe build

router lathe with internal thread carriage attached

Here's a chronological listing of posts on building the router lathe. I started in May on 2012 and wrapped up the initial build to a point where I was making parts in early June. In the spring of 2013, it was converted to a full CNC, and the arduino was replaced by a PC running MACH3.

The end result, so far, is a wood lathe with 5.5" swing over the bed and 33" between centers, with a router mounted on a carriage that travels parallel to the axis of the spindle. Stepper motors control and synchronize the travel of the router carriage, depth of cut and the rotation of the spindle. For internal cuts, the router is rotated 90 degrees and uses a belt to run a cutter on an offset spindle.



  1. Wow, great project, very well done.
    And thank you so much for taking the time to document it carefully.
    One day I would like to build something like this.
    Drew - Bristol,UK

  2. Do you have any drawings and ect on how you made the cross side and Z axis? Also what belts and pullys did you use? I have the same lathe. Thanks, Larry ...